Posted - November 12, 2021

Peace, Love & Understanding

Weight is a tough topic to bring up. For everybody! If you’re heavy, you don’t want to talk about it. And even if you’re not heavy, if you’re speaking to a heavy person, it may not always be welcome.

I get it.  I’ve been on both sides of that conversation.  It a mine field!  You don’t want to come across as judgey, you want to be sure that the other person knows that you want them around for a long time to come.  But you run the risk of hurting the other person’s feelings, pissing them off so they pull away from you, or worse…severing the relationship.

So how do you know when is the right time?  You don’t.

All you can do is let them know that they are loved.  You want to make sure they know that if and when they are ready, you are there for them in whatever capacity they need.

The simple truth is even if you are not a “coach” per se, you can still have a very important role in someone’s journey.  Whatever you want to call it -partner, cheerleader, accountabilibuddy-whichever you choose, your role is vital to someone else.

You know, we don’t always share with everyone ALL that’s running through our heads at any given moment.  (I’m a Scorpio, so this is especially true for me!)  Everyone’s “willingness to share” threshold is different.  No one way is better than another—we share when we are damned good and ready.

Just like making a huge lifestyle change, or deciding to go on a health journey, we do it when we are ready.  And just because it’s the right time for me, doesn’t mean it’s the right time for someone else.

This has been one of my biggest challenges to date.  I feel like I have FINALLY figured it out and I want to share it with the world.  I feel like I have struggled for so long and so hard that I want to shout it from the rooftops “OMG, I FINALLY GOT IT, LET ME GIVE IT TO YOU!” or “OMG, I DON’T SUCK!! I WAS JUST DOING IT WRONG!!!”

But the truth is, that can be really annoying to someone who isn’t ready or doesn’t want to hear it.

So, all I can do at this point, is talk about myself.  Being open and honest about my own struggles, sharing my own experiences -both positive and negative-and being open about how I feel, what I’ve learned, and all that this plan has given me.  It’s the only way I can show everyone else (anyone else!) that I care.  That I’m here to help.  That I’m here to support. That I’m in YOUR corner!




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